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Posted 25/03/2011

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Peers try to revive 'snooping law'
UK net firms have criticised attempts to revive a "snoopers' charter" by adding it into draft legislation currently before the House of Lords.

Pinterest to open up more user data
Pinterest is planning to tell advertisers more about what its users are posting in a bid to help target ads.

Emergency patch fixes Flash flaw
Adobe has released an emergency patch for a flaw in its Flash software that was being widely exploited by thieves.

Apple's Tim Cook salary up over 40%
Tech giant Apple's chief executive Tim Cook's base salary was increased by nearly 43% in February last year, according to the company.

Twitter battles Instagram links
The social network encourages celebrities and other high-profile users to share photos directly to Twitter.

US plans 'regulated' Bitcoin exchange
High-profile Bitcoin backers are seeking to establish a Bitcoin exchange in the US that would be overseen by mainstream financial regulators.

Reporter jailed for stolen data links
A journalist with connections to the hacking collective Anonymous is sentenced to five years in jail after posting online links to stolen data.

Drug drone crashes on Mexican border
A quadcopter drone carrying 3kg of illegal drugs crashes near the border between Mexico and the US.

Li Ka-shing set to buy O2 for £10bn
Asia's richest person Li Ka-shing confirms his company is offering to buy Britain's second-largest mobile provider O2 for up to £10.25bn ($15.4bn).

India Uber resumes services in Delhi
The web-based taxi firm Uber restarts operations in Delhi, six weeks after it was banned over charges that one of its drivers raped a passenger.