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Posted 25/03/2011

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The latest stories from the Technology section of the BBC News web site.

Sony phone is first to have 4K screen
Sony says its new smartphone is the first to have a 4K-resolution screen.

Motorola announces new smartwatches
Motorola is to release two second-generation models of its Moto 360 smartwatch, one of which will contain a GPS chip.

Acer unveils 'building block' PC
Acer's new Revo computer is made up of "building blocks" that add on extra functionality.

VIDEO: Smartphones boost slum businesses
Small businesses in Mumbai's most famous slum are using smartphones to sell directly to customers.

Intel launches Skylake processors
Intel takes the wraps off its new family of Skylake computer chips, explaining why the processors should outperform its earlier processors.

Starfish-killing robot ready to test
An autonomous starfish-killing robot will be ready for field trials on the Great Barrier Reef this month, researchers say.

Wikipedia blocks 'scam' accounts
Wikipedia has blocked 381 accounts for what it calls "black hat" editing - charging money for creating promotional articles using 'sock puppet' accounts.

Privacy fears over children's data
The Information Commissioner is warning about a lack of control over websites gathering and sharing children's personal data

Did many women use Ashley Madison?
Ashley Madison insists it has an active community of female users, but critics continue to suggest many profiles were fakes.

Clinic leaks patients' HIV status
A sexual health centre in London mistakenly leaked the details of nearly 800 patients who have attended HIV clinics, bosses admit.